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advertising and sponsorships in GuruTrack

Nada Guru Scott Boulch
How to reach the ultimate high-achiever audience

FOR ADVERTISERS & SPONSORS: GuruTrack delivers a highly targeted, influential Subscriber and ancillary-viewer audience for corporations, organizational-causes and educational institutions to promote brand-identity, social messages, products, programs and platforms.

Market Analysis Summary GuruTrack's audience members seek more pointed and poignant data and
information in order to take action in their own worlds. Profiled as men and women (51/49%), ages 25-54 (median 47 yrs), median HH income 135k, comprising both business owners and upper-to-C-level corporate management.

The audience members bring to the table:
• Broad and expanding networks of personal, business and online/social-media contacts
• Higher disposable and personal-investment income
• Readily-shared ideas, discussions, feedback, forums
• Spheres of influence / tribes

As the target audience is comprised of both entrepreneurial and corporate/institutional leaders, sponsorship of GuruTrack's proprietary and open-access content creates a support bond (Sponsor dollars help keep Subscriber rates down) and a perception of "partnership" status in the GuruTrack mission of delivering more highly-refined content.

Sponsors will be given an opportunity to participate as:

  • Master-Level Sponsor -- Banner display ads, content-embedded links, master-sponsorship tag in all pages, SEO tags, news releases, social media pages and outside communications
  • Marquee-Level Sponsors -- Banner display ads and content-embedded links in main/landing page and general editorial sections
  • Section Sponsors -- Banner display ads and content-embedded links in specific Guru Sections
  • eNews/Bulletin Sponsors -- Banner display ads and content-embedded links in Subscriber and News-Media database mailings.

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    FOR INVESTORS: As Operational/Growth Funding or Equity Funding (VC, Angel, PE) participants, the start-up investor group participants will be given the opportunity to invest in loan amounts of either $5,000 or $10,000, with an expected annual return on investment of 17% or the opportunity to participate as an equity investor w/ minimum $25k investment in the for-profit divisions of the company.




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