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Nada Guru Scott Boulch
How one marketer separated from the pack

Scott Boulch grew up listening to the classics. But not the lilting musical offerings conjured from that phrase, but the orchestrations of Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Ed Foreman and Jim Rohn albums played in his dad's home office. Bill Boulch was a big fan of hard work and big dreams and his appreciation of the recorded life lessons rubbed off. Young Scott listened, even when he was thinking about the usual adolescent pursuits in his suburban St. Louis youth, he listened and yearned for his "shot.."

And, he learned. He learned how simple business philosophy could be invigorating, and how life lessons -- good and bad -- should be embraced, and need only be learned once. This gift would pay off (handsomely) through his career, saving time and opening up new avenues, even on existing paths. Ask people who know him, and you'll hear repeatedly, that he sees things that many overlook, and invents ways to win, even when defeat is in the cards.

Fast forward 30 years, to an office in his home, stocked with the gizmos and tools to reach out to a growing (and devoted) audience of online marketers. Volumes of many of the same speakers and teachers peer down from the bookshelves in this space. What you also see are copies of the eBooks that fueled his tumultuous rise to web fame as the Nada Guru, a title he took on when he decided the web marketing game was "eating its young." The Death of Adsense, The Numbers Don't Lie, The Autopsy, The Quick and the Dead are just a few of his works. Their moribund titles were intended to shock, and right the wrongs he perceived in the online world of profits from traffic, pay-per-click and rags-to-riches marketing systems. He earned both fans and derision for his honesty, and profits of his own from a rapidly growing following keen to buy into his new guides and systems.

And, as with many serial entrepreneurs, there's an intense drive at work in Scott's world. No one has to remind "Boulch," as his friends and peers call him, that there's work to be done, or what the next step should be. It's been mapped out (including the downtime) and just like his passion for marathons, there are plenty of steps and miles to cover today.

We caught up with Scott in the hectic days leading up to a "completely different" product launch, to peel back the curtain, and discuss his next big thing, and the string of hits and misses that have led him to his high level of achievement and "expert" status.

Listen to the 5-Chapter audio here (70 min.): The GuruTrack Podcast with NadaGuru Scott Boulch

Or, listen to specific podcast chapters here:

• Intro: The early years of big hopes and corporate dismay

• Chapter Two:
The segue to direct sales and MLM

• Chapter Three:
The launch of an online empire mixing business with the web

• Chapter Four:
Sometimes you have to take a stand -- the NadaGuru is born

• Chapter Five:
On to coaching, the philosophy of a good mentor relationship

The Next Big Thing from Scott Boulch


NOTE: Audio quality varies from interview to interview at GuruTrack because we're often on the road or catching our gurus as they travel. This audio has telephone quality sound, recorded using Skype.





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