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advertising and sponsorships in GuruTrack

Nada Guru Scott Boulch
Here are the specifics for placing your ad on GuruTrack.com

FOR ADVERTISERS & SPONSORS: GuruTrack delivers a highly targeted, influential Subscriber and ancillary-viewer audience for corporations, organizational-causes and educational institutions to promote brand-identity, social messages, products, programs and platforms. Rates and InstantReservation Links below. RATES: GuruTrack's Rate Card is effective July 2009, and reflects current viewership and projected growth through July 2010.

Rates for this innaugural year will be set intentionally below market rate to attract and benefit early adopters. Rates will be good for that period only. Multi-year contracts will be available after July 2010.

Ad rates are reflected in the BUY NOW links below. Ad contract requirements are also spelled out in the secure ordering pages on the PayPal registration pages. Ad placements are payable via credit or debit card charges using the secure payment process of PayPal. GuruTrack will also accept payment by corporate check, with month one of the ad agreement due prior to placement on the site. An invoice can be provided by emailing your request to admin@gurutrack dot com.

Sponsorship rates for our four participation levels are:

  • Master-Level Sponsor -- Banner display ads, content-embedded links, master-sponsorship tag
    in all pages, SEO tags, news releases, social media pages and outside communications

    $1050/Month* BUY NOW

  • Marquee-Level Sponsors -- Banner display ads and content-embedded links in main/landing page and general editorial sections $695.00/Month* BUY NOW

  • Section Sponsors -- Banner display ads and content-embedded links in specific Guru Sections $495.00/Month** BUY NOW

  • eNews/Bulletin Sponsors -- Banner display ads and content-embedded links in Subscriber and News-Media database mailings. $250/issue*** BUY NOW

AD PREPARATION: Ads follow typical banner ad formats. Flash, and animated gif files are accepted, so long as they do not exceed 250k (Flash) and 85k (Gifs) in file size. Ad content may be emailed to admin@gurutrack dot com. Ad placement code which utilizes your own hosting of images and tracking links is also accepted, however RogersSullivan Media will not be responsible for reporting ad results for these ads. Ad format sizes are:

  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • 468 x 60 pixels
  • 300 x 125 pixels

Videos submitted for Master-Level Sponsors must be hosted on your server, and conform to a video format size of 360 x 328 pixels. Accommodations beyond this may incur a production fee at a rate of $45 per hour with a one-hour minimum.


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