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Nada Guru Scott Boulch
How one coach is (slowly) changing baseball's mindset

Donnie Watson was growing sicker each day. The anguish of watching pitchers come and go through a revolving door of injury/rehab/reinjury was taking its toll on his enthusiasm for the game he loved.Donnie Watson of the Complete Athlete

Fotunately (for baseball) his tenure at Stephen F. Austin was about to meet with an abrupt end. Despite having built the program based upon the school's projected development plans, his efforts were being eroded by broken promises and admin missteps. The fork was in the road and he took it, jumping into The Complete Athlete, and pitching performance company developed in lock-step with Dr. James Andrews. Together with (also) former SFAU coach Jenifer Wells, Donnie would establish a program to bridge the gap between baseball's time-honored training and the medical data that showed how terribly flawed the status quo had become. Donnie decided that he should... More coming soon


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