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john chow
How John Chow's insiatiable drive to learn drives an online empire

It's 3 a.m. in the very quiet home office in Vancouver, B.C., except for the tap, tap, tapping of a keyboard and the occasional whispers of acknowledgement as John Chow flits back and forth between to-do's for his many online endeavors. More coming soon...






Jennifer Veesenmeyer

Jennifer is the Analytics VP at Stratigent, and chief architect of the "Pimp Your Reports" seminar series. We haven't attended (yet) but buzz has it she really animates topics and techniques for applying strategies and tools to dashboard design. It's a topic that could use some oomph, and Jennifer is growing a following for her smarts and savvy.

In a former life, Jennifer managed a team at Evantage Consulting and honed her SEO skills and marketing chops at Thomson FindLawJennifer-Vessenmeyer and Meritas. She's been nicknamed "Jennifer Searchenmeyer" but her real genius lies in connecting the dots for those trying to make information work for them. She took the red pill too, Neo.

Jennifer holds a Master's in International Communication from Purdue University and has repeatedly been published. She also builds and comments upon miniature dollhouse parts and productions. So, suffice it to say, she's got both the macro and mondo focus going at all times. See her info here.


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