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Nada Guru Scott Boulch

(continued from page one) what you want. And, you'll have to subscribe and pay us a whopping $9.95 a month for all-access passes to the great ones. It's month-to-month so you can bail any time you want (we won't even talk bad about you after you're gone) and not incur another fee.

We're betting you'll want to stay, especially once you start to get access to minds that matter, and learn how to wield tools that drive your aspirations faster further than you imagined possible. Pretty heady stuff. And, you may even want to save a few shekels by subscribing for a year or longer. It's possible and it makes financial sense, and makes our VC partners smile. Bonus!

There's no squeeze here, no ¨über membership levels or advanced inner-circles that gain more each week. It's all very egalitarian -- all access for one fee, one level that's remarkably all great all the time. It's your GuruTrack, designed to give you a guilt-free (and perfectly legal) advantage.

To get started, click here. And (shameless marketers we are) to get your first month FREE (all caps means something big, right?) click here and refer two or three friends. If just one of your buddies opts in, you're golden for FREE MONTH ONE. Nice.

The GT's
We did decide to delineate one group of Members as we grow the GuruTrack community. The first 1,000 members will actually get an extra bone each month in the form of a bonus interview and access that the others will have to wait a good 60-90 days to see. And, when we have the first GTGT (GuruTrack Get Together) in late 2010, you 1,000 will have even more special access than ever before in special seating, settings and soirees for just our founding Members.

So, we're worn out trying to sell you on what we know to be remarkable. If you're ready to go further faster, click here and get started. GuruTrack is all that, for all those, that want IT now.



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